2019 trends

Here are some of the most important e-commerce trends that you should be aware of in 2019.
1. Sustainability
72% of Millenials will spend significantly more money on a product that is committed to positive social and environmental impact according to a Nielsen Study. A lot of brands started listening.  40% of plastic waste comes from packaging and there is roughly 8 million tons of it every year. Brands see instant results when going Eco, they raise awareness and also loyalty with their audience. The time to act is now, there is a lot of new packaging materials available that are safer to our planet.
2. Rise of Consumption Nostalgia
One campaign that generated $163.5M in earned media. In 2019 brands that make it easier for us to consume less but feel more, will win! There are some amazing examples in the works already. Nike. In 2018, the sporting-goods giant’s ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick purposely provoked the ire of the president — an outspoken critic of NFL player protests. Nike risked a lot, but by all measures was rewarded. Sales grew, the company’s stock rose, and the campaigned generated $163.5M in earned media. Don't create content for the sake of it, make it significant and evergreen.
3. The death of cookies and Facebook Tracking in 2019.
Cookies are on their way out, and brands that want to be ready for the next era of digital tracking will need to start preparing now. Some companies have begun to transition away from cookies altogether. Twenty eighteen was the year digital tracking began to wither under the bright light of transparency. From GDPR regulations in the EU to the exposure of how much data Facebook is sharing with privileged business partners, users became more aware of digital tracking than ever before.
4. Rise of Natural Imagery and UGC
Win more trust and customers with Natural Looking Images in 2019. The Era of fake stock images is slowly ending. The ubiquity of mobile means that it's no longer just creatives who are shaping our visual worlds. According to the report, 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram, and people watch 100 million hours of content on Facebook every single day. Brands are tapping into this trend by capitalising on user-generated content, for example, furniture companies such as Wayfair are inviting customers to post images of their new furniture. This kind of content is proved to work well and in some cases better than highly overproduced marketing material.
5. Only Bold Will Survive
Avoid dull colors in 2019, there is more brands and products each day, the rule is simple - STAND OUT.  Pantone has already revealed their color trend forecast for 2019. Appropriate branding will help your brand to build trust and loyalty.
We are roughly bombarded by 5000 images a day, it is getting harder for brands to catch the attention of the customer, and they become smarter and more resilient to marketing material, especially the one that has been reused multiple times.
6. Mobile and Omni-Channel
80% of respondents said that personalised experiences make them more likely to do business with a company according to Epsilon Study. Making sure your brand experience is cohesive across all platforms and mobile friendly will be the key
to grow your business in 2019. It is a huge opportunity for you to get ahead of your competitors. Think mobile first
and make sure that all touch points of your brand are seamless.
7. Packaging Experience
Do you want free content from your customers? Do you want them to cheer and share the love online? Create an amazing packaging experience for them. Packaging is often perceived as part of the product and according to a study 68% of online shoppers felt that a brand became more superior due to its packaging. Glossier built an entire business on user generated content thanks to their amazing packaging and content.
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Dorian Nedzewicz

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