5 brands &
5 strategies

5 things we learned from our favourite
brands of the decade and you must too.
1. Glossier
Surprise & Delight is what sells really well and Glossier has built its core values on those principles. Campaigns can create lasting brand loyalty when used strategically. Use social listening tools to identify your most engaged followers & surprise them with a free product, gift card, or company merch as a thank you for their loyalty. What they get in return is free marketing content & ambassadors. Packaging and content is vibrant, full of surprises and most important Instagram-able.
2. Honest company
Customer and Product first approach made Jessica Albas brand valued at $1 Billion. “When you’re thinking month to month about your financial goals, and that’s more important than building a long-term vision and strategy, it’s just a different mentality on how to build something.” The company had few hiccups in its lifetime but the core principle of honest and beautifully designed product makes this one of the fastest growing startup of the decade.
3. Killspencer.
Not following trends & looking around can help your brand stand out from the crowd. Being cheaper doesn't always mean it is easier to scale up. Sometimes it's a race to the bottom. Instead focus on quality & culture of your company. If you nurture it & provide your customers with the best of the best, charging 10x for your product is no longer such a distant option."Consistency is everything. Since day one, we have been designing, manufacturing and shipping the best products we can possibly make all over the world. We use the best leather, the best zippers, military spec components, all expertly handcrafted."
4. Go Pro
User Generated Content done well? Here is the best example I can think of and that's Go Pro and their culture. There is an authentic connection between the user and the brand’s ethos of sharing your passion with the world. The company more than doubled its net income from 2010 to 2011 to $24.6 million but only spent $50,000 more in marketing costs to do it, according to Wall St. Daily. The content that GoPro create, curate, and share, communicates the brand’s belief. Anyone that sees a GoPro vid understands the lifestyle of the brand’s fans.
5. Nest
Simplicity, attention to details and innovation is what makes Nest a multi billion brand. The brand took something as simple as thermostat and inspired by Apple design principles created something more than a product. "You have to be great everywhere: your packaging, your marketing, your user interface, your hardware design, the physical design, the apps and the web services, all together. Diving into every little detail and asking a question about how that piece works".
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Dorian Nedzewicz

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