Hi, I went to Geneva to listen & speak with some of the leading brand representatives like Pepsi, Google and BMW. What I came back with, reassured me that the Mindset of the big players differs a lot from majority of the solo Entrepreneurs. I would like to share with you some of the key lessons.
1. Ads are dead, or rather slowly dying - by HP
Only 1 in 10 millennials will buy because of an online ad. Intrusive advertising is on the way out. There is a steady growth of ad blocking software (30% in 2018). So how do big brands operate and advertise in 2019? Keep on reading.
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2. Offline as important as Online - by McKinsey
Brands need to realise that sales start offline. Actions are common sense, but not common practice. Small companies are still struggling to accept good design practices. 66% won't even test products with end users. 50% of companies won't even involve users when designing a brand or a product. These are staggering numbers, and effects of it are seen on platforms like Amazon, flooding the market with useless products that end up in our oceans.
3. Conversion is killing conversion - by Build in Amsterdam
This one blew my mind and it comes from award-winning e-commerce agency Build in Amsterdam. All we talk about are funnels and conversions, designing our brands to sell to the client at every touch point. Well, the big guys say it actually backfires and they have numbers to prove it. It’s all about giving the consumer the best brand experience they can possibly have. It’s long term thinking. What we see in E-commerce, instead, is short term thinking leading the way. Suddenly it’s about optimising every pixel for conversion.
4. You are not a hero, neither is your brand - by Chris Do, Pepsi, BMW...
This one is simple and make a note of it. Your customers should be the hero of the story. Study all the big campaigns of the last decade, the ones that had a billion dollar impact. What do they have in common? They tell a story of the user, tap into their beliefs and mentality and most importantly, the message carries a positive meaning and change.
5. Burton Rast of Google
I will finish with a quote from this guy I had a pleasure to meet in Geneva. Our goal as entrepreneurs is to "solve unmet human needs". The work we do and content we produce (physical or digital) should make a positive impact on our world rather than make it a wasteland for projects that make us a quick $. Let's make this planet a better place.
To summarise, I hope all of us this year will try to create work and products that have a bit more positive impact on our planet and bring change to everyone one of us. Empathy is the answer to all human needs and let's start practicing it.

Thank you for reading.
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Dorian Nedzewicz

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