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Above you can see an image of my first studio in Hackney Wick, on the rent contract it stated studio number 113. I left my day job and pursued my dream of running my own business.
Boy, was I ready for the ride? No way! But that's for another story. I started immediately advertising my fashion photography services- well that has also changed, but here is why. Another thing I was certain of, is that from now on in 2013, my job was to serve my clients and help them sell their products.

Working with brands is my livelihood, my services and portfolio are constantly changing, my website, logo, marketing material but not the job- the promise I give to my clients is still the same since 2013. From 2016, I mainly provide services for Amazon sellers and vendors. As much as I love working with everyone of them, as a whole - sourcing is an absolutely crazy world that does not make sense and frustrates me.

Brands, businesses that we usually see in magazines, billboards, tv commercials are nothing like the ones we see on Amazon. There is a distinctive difference between having a brand and selling/flipping a product and we need to address that.

What is a brand? Brand is a promise you make to your customers and a way of communicating and delivering that promise. Apple promises you the best tech experience and they deliver that in a sleek, well thought out design both in hardware, software and marketing material. Brands also innovate and evolve in order to be competitive and forward thinking.

Many Amazon sellers confuse the idea of running a brand with sourcing and flipping a product. Here is why we are starting our new service called
Branding for Sourcing Strategy that helps to connect the dots. This process is not for everyone, it is actually for a very small amount of sellers that have a goal to create, innovate and communicate in a cohesive and meaningful way to their audience.

For Amazon sellers that see themselves building something more, to exist outside of the constrains of Amazon. It's for sellers that adore their customers and promise them something. They deliver the product to their audience and understand, it is only a vehicle that will change and evolve with time but their goal and promise is concrete.

This is why serious sellers should start investing in brand design heavily. Building brand recognition and brand association are right up there with a company's biggest and most valued assets. I am not talking about the surface stuff, as that's only a small portion of branding, there is more to it than that.

Saying that, finding a good deal from manufacture and making a profit on it, is an awesome way to sustain yourself and a good place to start thinking of building a brand in the future.

Customers, people, us; we come first. This is the long-term game. Determine what they need and work backwards.
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Dorian Nedzewicz

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