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Benefits & Features
Lead with the benefits, evoke emotion and win the customer.
How about I start this short article with the tag line, and exactly how I would recommend you design your marketing content in 2020.

The year 2019 was interesting and challenging for me. Over two hundred products have gone through the studio since January ,plus we doubled the size of our team. It also became clearer to me that things can be done even better.

Customers on Amazon not only look for the prettiest thing but also comb for useful information that will help them make the decision to purchase. Designing listing by leading with benefits is crucial to helping them make that decision early on.

Features are as important as benefits but they need to come second. Ask yourself; can you distinguish the difference between the two? Make sure you invest time in research and idea generation and look for inspirations outside of Amazon and also in thephysical world around you.

Get creative, be different & bold.
That simple improvement will make a huge impact on your sales.

I want to wish everyone a successful and most importantly Happy New Year!
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Dorian Gorski

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