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5 ways, packaging can help you
Sell Exponentially more in 2019.
1. Visibility
Sell more by increasing your click through rates. Companies spend millions of dollars researching shelf
presence and visibility. Unfortunately many sellers do not understand that online, the principles are the same.
The one who stands out, will get more interest. Bold and contrasty packaging against white background
can sky rocket your CTR and help you sell exponentially more.
Fredericus L'Ami
2. Sustainability
Here it is again. And I will say this 100 times more. 70% Millennials will spend significantly more on average, if the brand promotes sustainability. Embed this principle in your brands DNA and promote it. It can help you with winning more hearts/sales.
Isabel de Peque
3. Identity
When you're looking for a mouthwash on a shop floor, you know what kind of packaging to expect and you can see the section from 20 meters. Same principle applies online. Make it easy for your customers to identify your product. Take a look around what everyone else is doing, make the packaging 50% familiar and 50% unexpected. Make it easier for you customers to find it on a search page.
Ashley Parker
4. Social Proof
Use your packaging to surprise and create delight. The experience does not end until the box has been opened. Make that experience the best one you can and make it last. Make it so good people will want to share it online. Create a surprise effect and add something personal. Glossier did that so well, their customers flooded Social Media with these kind of images, creating a self sustaining, user generated marketing campaign.
5. Price point
Last but not least. Packaging together with branding can determine your price point. Why is it that we will pay twice as much for some brands that we know are no different to cheaper versions. Because we like how they make us feel. In order to increase the value of your product, create a packaging that feels like a million bucks. In order for this strategy to work, branding needs to follow in the footsteps. Remember that each touch point needs to be consistent.
Onion Design Associates
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