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Dorian G. & one one three;
our goal is to create work that engages with your audience, through collaboration, innovation and empathy.


To market the product effectively, a brand must consider cultural influences & triggers. These are used to gain engagement and relevance. Failure to acknowledge it, is to reject competitive advantage.

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Please think of us as your teammates. We listen to you and, most importantly, to your customers. To help you grow your business, we create brands, content, and experiences that bring value and results to you and your audience.

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What makes us different from every other studio out there? Strategy and branding are built into our DNA; they are the foundation of all the work we do. Before any creative output, we make sure that we understand your customers, products, obstacles, and aspirations.

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We work hard to communicate clearly and openly with our clients, inviting you into the creative process every step of the way. Because of this professionalism and openness in our practice, we have created some amazing work with our clients. And we do mean "with."

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“We had so far worked with prestigious, large digital agencies for our e-content, but will definitely stick to working with THE113 from now onwards.”

Emma Partridge - P&G

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